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Jun 04

9 Pets That Dont Give You Allergies

By Izak Van Heerden | Pet Selection

Pets add a special something to our lives. They can bring us love, joy and companionship – and sometimes allergies. While cats seem to aggravate more allergies than dogs do, both can leave sufferers feeling ill, itchy and uncomfortable. Those with minor allergies may choose to take allergy medicine or get allergy shots medicine regularly. […]

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Apr 28

Best Dog Cam Videos on Youtube

By Izak Van Heerden | Dogs

The miniaturization of video cameras has led to some unique filmatic achievements  – the ability to see the world from new angles. One such angle is the aerial view from a drone. Another interesting perspective is from the back of man’s best friend. Below we look at some of the best dog cam videos on Youtube. Walter the […]

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