Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs

Dog houses have certainly evolved from the pens of the past! We’re talking pooch castles with heated floors, decks and windows are on the list of the best houses for large dogs. Yes, we want to make them comfortable but we also want them to stay healthy.

There are a variety of dog houses on the market today that are even nicer than their owners’ homes. Dog houses in today’s market are stylishly designed to compliment our outdoor spaces. Many are exclusively created just for their special needs. And, why not? Our pet babies are part of our family and they too should enjoy all the beautiful comforts of home on the inside and out.

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If your special pet must be outside, he must have a special place. You can truly say that home is where the furry love of your life is and these five dog houses found on Amazon prove it.

Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs

  • Our Pet’s Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House
  • Boomer & George’s T-Bone’s Extra Large Dog House
  • ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater
  • Boomer and George’s  Duplex Dog house
  • Kennel Crates Dog House


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Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs Our Pet's Tuff-N-Rugged


Our Pet’s Tuff-N-Rugged Dog House

Our favorite is this made-in-the-US kennel. It a double-wall design to insulate your dog against extreme cold and warm weather. The manufacturer claim a 10 times improvement in insulating properties over standard single wall constructions. Made from all-weather materials, the house is extremely easy to assemble (no tools are required to put this house together), it earned itself a Best Buy award from Consumer Digest. It will take a dog up to 125 pounds in weight. The inner dimensions are 35″ by 24″ by 14″.


Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs DogGone

Boomer & George’s T-Bone’s Extra Large Dog House (40″W x 44″D x 47″H)

…features solid wood quality construction and a beautiful A-Frame structure. The roomy, spacious interior is comfortable, durable and  large enough for entertaining other party animals, well, maybe room for two, after all two wagging tails is company and three’s a crowd. Topping off this beauty is an attractive green gable roof to not only add height inside the house, but to show your best friends’ sense of style. Your pet will offer you unconditional love because a pet’s home, just like your home, is where the heart is.

Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs ASL

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

This gives new meaning to being “in the dog house.” Insulated ESP panelling (as found in drinking cups so it is non-toxic) ensure even temperatures for your pet in cold and warm conditions. The house also features a self-closing door that is easy to pass through (with a window in front) will keep your best friend comfortable throughout the entire year, and even allow him to look out whilst reclining inside. The best part is that this dog domain includes a 18″ by 18″ floor heater that will keep this paw-tastic palace at the perfect temperature because all doggies deserve to be happy, warm and fabulous whatever the weather. The heating element is designed with your pet’s safety in mind so you don’t have to worry.


Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs Antique Charms

Boomer and George’s  Duplex Dog house (51″W x 43″D x 43″H)

…features an antique flair to fit into any larger dogs lifestyle. This tail wagging duplex features two entry doors, a covered porch with asphalt roof (46″W x 15″D) and raised floor so your best friend stays dry and cozy, even on the rainiest days. The porch that is right outside the front door is perfect for enjoying a special treat or afternoon nap on a sunny day, too. This “backyard penthouse” comes with an optional divider in case you have two best friends that might not get along too well and require privacy. This charming and comfortable abode is the the perfect tail wagging structure that will complement any outdoor living space.

Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs Kennel Crates

Kennel Crates Dog House

One might say this attractive Boomer & George dog house is the “cat’s meow”, for dogs that is.  It’s large, spacious interior offers your top dog plenty of room to get comfortable whatever the weather outside. The best part of this puppy palace is it looks like a lodge complete with front deck with steps, the perfect spot for lounging during the long, hot dog days of summer. It’s spacious dimensions (67″ x 38″ x 31″)  gives fido plenty of tail waggin’ room. A window is built right into the design for form and function offering important air circulation.  It looks great from the outside while keeps the air flowing for health and comfort on the inside.


Best Outdoor Dog Houses for Large Dogs




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