Best Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box

What is a Self Cleaning Litter Box?

A self-cleaning (often called automatic) litter boxes are effectively litter boxes that can clean and maintain themselves. The process by which the litter box cleans itself varies depending on the type of self-cleaning litter box used. Many self-cleaning litter boxes use a rake and sensor to clean out the waste. Tellingly, the litter box has a sensor that can detect when a cat enters and exit, activating the rake once the cat has safely left the litter box. The rake then moves the waste from the litter box itself into a waste bag.

Litter Tracking

When looking to purchase a self-cleaning litter box, one of the most critical points we check off the list is the litter boxes ability to prevent litter tracking. Litter tracking means that after the cat uses their litter box, you don’t have to worry about finding surprise waste or litter your cat accidentally tracked throughout the house. Another property to look for when purchasing a self-cleaning litter box is odor control. For example, higher end self-cleaning litter boxes that flush remove waste, and thus odor completely. Other quality self-cleaning litter boxes eliminate odor through a unique blend of crystals in the litter or through the use of scent proof, rip-resistant linings.




Self-cleaning litter boxes are relatively easy to use, though some higher-end self-cleaning litters boxes require a bit of installation. Some self-cleaning litter boxes with sensors need very little interaction from humans outside of dumping a waste bag and occasionally changing the litter. Others require you to set up a cleaning schedule, similar to a daily timer, in which the self-cleaning litter box activates and begins to remove waste and replenish litter.


The most significant advantage to using a self-cleaning litter box that we’ve found is the amount of time it saves. Self-cleaning litter boxes are perfect for those of us who live busy and active lifestyles. That said, with all of the considered benefits of owning a self-cleaning litter box, there is no reason why any cat owner should feel any resistance towards purchasing one or two. In fact, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best self cleaning litter boxes available.


Omega Paw Elite Self Cleaning Roll ‘n Clean Litter Box


The Omega Paw Elite is an entry level self-cleaning litter box that implements a “roll and clean” method to remove waste from the litter box. Effectively, a tray is inserted in the upper side of the box. You then lean the litter box back, allowing the rake to scoop up any waste and sediment into the tray. Then, slowly tilt the litter box forward, allowing the extra litter to filter back into the box. Finally, you remove the tray and dump the waste. The omega edition of the Paw Elite self-cleaning litter box also includes a lip to catch any additional debris, preventing litter tracking when our cat exits the litter box.


When using this litter box, we recommend using clumping litter like Arm and Hammer “Slide” to remove as much waste and urine as possible. Non-clumping litter, while odor proof, is designed to absorb the urine, masking the smell merely. Clumping litter absorbs the urine and clumps together, allowing it’s removal via the roll and clean method.

Like many self-cleaning litter boxes, what’s impressive about the Omega Paw Elite is the fact that you never have to interact with any waste directly. Even further, the cleaning process is quick and efficient.

PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box


The PetSafe “ScoopFree” is a mid-tier self-cleaning litter box that fuses several different tools including sensors, removals filters, and a timed, automated rake to remove waste and odor. The sensors detect when a cat enters and exits the ScoopFree litter box. Once the cat has safely exited, the sensors alert the ScoopFree to begin the 20-minute cleaning process. The ScoopFree uses a replaceable scented litter tray that utilizes a blended crystal litter to absorb urine and block the odor of urine and waste. The crystal blend also dehydrates and solidifies waste, preparing it for removal via the automated rake.

The ScoopFree excels in regards to convenience, ease of use and odor proofing. The hooded waste trap can store a few weeks worth of waste before it needs to be dumped. Because so much of the process is automated, you only have to install the replaceable filter, plug in the apparatus and your all set.

We’ve found that the ScoopFree self-cleaning cat litter box is terrific at odor proofing as they take several steps to ensure the odor of your cats waste never hits your nose. As previously mentioning, the ScoopFree litter box utilizes a scented replaceable filter, but it also employs a plastic lining, meant to assist in trapping in both odors and potential leaks.

Modkat Top Entry Litter Box


While the Modkat litter box isn’t your traditional “self-cleaning” litter box, it is perfect for those of us who aren’t quite ready to switch over to a fully automated system but still want to have access to some of the same benefits that a self-cleaning litter box has to offer. To this effect, the Modkat litter box excels in ease of use, the negation of litter tracking and durability, a trait that we found the Modkat strongly holds high over its nonself-cleaning competitors.

The Modkat is a premium, top entry litter box (cat enters for the top and exits from the side). The top doubles as a privacy hood as well for cats that are shy or uncomfortable doing their business in front of others. The cat isn’t the only one who benefits from top entry however as the swivel top makes cleaning the litter box a relative breeze. To add on to this growing list of benefits, the Modkat litter box’s modular design and lockable swivel lid can lock together, creating a walking pad for our cats that practically eliminates all potential litter tracking hazards.

In regards to the Modkat litter box’s outstanding durability, the developers integrated a rip resistant and easy to clean reusable lining that adds an extra layer of protection against leaks and effortlessly traps in odors creating a seal that prevents the scent of your cats business from your hitting your nose.

CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

Getting your cat to use the toilet is every pet owners dream. Luckily, CatGenie decided to make this dream a reality with their cat box. This top tier, self-washing, self-flushing litter box give us as cat owners peace of mind knowing we’re no longer a required part of the digestive process. The CatGenie cat box excels in many areas including ease of use, functionality, odor negation, durability, and convenience.

The cleaning process for the CatGenie is as follows: once cleaning mode is activated, an automatic scooper removes waste from the cat box, liquefies it and flushes it down the drain never to be seen or smelt again. This technology also means you no longer have to deal with removing bags of compounded waste and the odor that stems from the waste buildup. Next, a combination of water and veterinarian approved SaniSoulution are used to wash, scrub and purify the washable granules litter. Granules have an advantage over typical clay litter as they’re reusable and help appease our cat’s instinctual need to dig and cover their waste. Finally, the CatGenie cat box dries the granules, leaving them warm and ready for your cats next visit.

The CatGenie cat box comes with three options, two of which are designed to provide complete automation. The cat box can programmed to run automatically up to four times a day, started manually whenever you so wish to run the cleaning cycle or set to sensor activation before the device wakes up when your cat use the toilet and begins the cleaning cycle once they complete their business and have safely exited the CatGenie cat box. The CatGenie cat box requires access to both a water and drain hookup, so they are best suited for placement in either the bathroom or laundry room.

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