Leaving Dogs Home Alone: 5 Gadgets to Feed, Monitor and Interact with Them

Dogs are often considered part of our family. Unfortunately, we can’t always take them with us as we do what needs to be done during the day. When your dog experiences separation anxiety, this can make things as normal as going to work or running out to do a few errands heart-breaking for both you and your fur baby. Even dogs who don’t experience a great deal of anxiety show sadness when you prepare to leave them alone. After all, you have the rest of the world as part of yours but you and your home is their whole world. You know they are safe while you are gone but you wonder if they are happy. Separation does not have to be hard for either of you. With the items below, you can ease this necessary time.


Leaving Dogs Home Alone Thundershirt

This cloth jacket wraps around your dog and applies a gentle pressure that has been shown to calm anxiety and over-excitement in eighty percent of dogs. The jacket closes with a Velcro tab and mimics the feel a baby receives when you swaddle it. It comes in seven different sizes so there is one to fit your dog perfectly. Think about the feeling you get when you snuggle up under a blanket. That is the sort of feeling this jacket is meant to produce in your dog when he wears the ThunderShirt.


Leaving Dogs Home Alone Smartfeeder

Many dogs won’t eat when they are left alone but others find comfort in having food available, especially rescue pets who have experienced going hungry at one point in their life. When your dog is on a feeding schedule, you worry if you can’t be there to feed him. The SmartFeeder can be preset to dispense a given amount of dry kibble at a designated time. Better yet, you can set it up so it is controlled by your smartphone or tablet. This method works extremely well when you also have a voice communication system installed. You can combine releasing the food with a soothing message from you that keeps feeding time connected with comfort.

Petkit Pet Drinking Fountain

Leaving Dogs Home Alone Petkit


Fresh water is necessary for a healthy dog. This ultra-quiet fountain is designed to allow your dog to lap water naturally. It holds a full two liters of water and filters it as the water is dispensed. There are alerts for when the filter needs changing or the water amount is low. Your dog will be able to keep hydrated throughout the day and you won’t have to worry about water becoming warm or contaminated. There is no noise to cause anxiety in your dog and he doesn’t have to wait for his water bowl to be refilled.

Petzi Treat Cam

Leaving Dogs Home Alone Petzi

This is perfect for those who feel better if they can actually see how their dog is doing while they are away. The Petzi Treat Cam is a multitasking unit that will keep both you and your dog connected throughout the day. You simply install the unit at home and download the free phone app and you are ready to use this device. The camera part allows you to see what is going on with your pet and take pictures to share later. A voice feature allows you to talk with your dog so he can feel comfort from your voice. Lastly, you can dispense treats to him when you wish. Imagine the joy your dog will experience when he hears your voice and gets the treat and imagine the comfort you will feel seeing he is okay.

Pet Tunes Bluetooth Speaker

Not only does music have a soothing effect on humans but it also eases anxiety in animals. This speaker is preloaded with music that has been proven to calm dogs during a variety of situations. You can use the USB charger to get between five and ten hours of charge or you can plug the speaker into a wall outlet for unending power. You can also download your own music if there is something you find works well for your dog. The small unit has a strap to hang it out of harm’s way and you can set it to play music throughout the entire time you are away. For the dog that does not like to be in a silent home, this is the perfect solution.

Final Words

Separation anxiety is something you can’t predict in advance and it is difficult for both you and your dog. In addition to these things, make sure your dog has access to his favorite toys and something that smells like you. Both will help soothe him. As much as you would like to, you can’t be there every moment of every day. These things won’t replace you in your dog’s life but they will give both of you a greater sense of peace in those times when you can’t be there for your furry family member. Both of you will be more relaxed when you do get back home and can enjoy some play and cuddle time.


Leaving Dogs Home Alone

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