Man Gives Up Everything To Save Stray Dogs

One Man Finds a Purpose by Giving Up His Life to Save Stray Dogs

Anyone with a heart cares about animals. Many people donate or volunteer at an animal shelter to show their empathy towards animal welfare. Others may even foster or adopt a dog or cat. One man named Takis decided to take his love for dogs to another level by giving up his life to save them. 

Finding Strays 

Takis used to be the owner of a profitable night club. But something happened to change his life. He began finding stray puppies at the local dump. It was likely that cruel people, with no regard to the welfare of animals, tossed them there like trash. The dogs may have been neglected by their owners and just wandered away from home in search of food, water and shelter. One thing was clear to Takis: they were strays. 

Fighting Back 

Each day for a year, Takis went back to the dump to feed the dogs. After Takis found one dog, he found another and another. After a while, people started complaining that these helpless animals were in the way. They even went so far as to threaten them. So Takis decided to take matters into his own hands. He told them that he needed 30 days to get the dogs away from the dump. 

Losing Everything 

His next move was to find a place to put them. He bought land and built a shelter. Takis took care of 300 dogs and cats on his own. He spent all of his time and money on coming to the aid of the strays. He even lost his job at the night club. Housing the dogs and cats started to take a toll on his finances. This problem didn’t stop him from doing what he loves best, which is saving hundreds of lives. 

People Begin Donating 

He began to feel like it was over. Helping innocent animals live was only a dream. Then somewhat of a miracle happened. There was an article written by a reporter about Takis. People read about his good deeds for these sweet animals and started to donate money to help. Presently, he has a nonprofit organization for dogs and cats. People from all over the world donate to a worthy cause. They even come to adopt a pet to give a loving home. His nonprofit organization is called Takis Shelter and it’s earned over 230,000 likes on Facebook. Even the smallest donations go a long way towards letting dogs and cats live the life every animal deserves. 

Saving Lives 

Takis freed dogs from the confinement of chains so they could live a more normal life. Some dogs he rescued were given names like Rico and Hugo. The most sensitive ones are placed in a container house (where he lives) to be nursed back to health. When Hugo was found, he was capable of walking. Eventually he became totally paralyzed but no one knew the cause. Takis was advised by several people to put him down. He didn’t listen. He made every effort to help Hugo walk by putting him in a harness and holding him upright. Surprisingly, the dog did start walking all by himself again. 


A Reason to Live 

His philosophy is that “Every dog needs a home.” Even though they’re happy, Takis yearns to find a home for every dog and continue on his journey to save more. Witnessing the cruelty life has dealt these harmless creatures then seeing them wag their tails, brings joy to this man. The feeling he gets by saving their lives is his reason for living. 

Lesson Learned 

Takis seems to have learned a lesson. Even though he was financially secure, he gave up his night club job. He likely felt as though something was missing, as anyone would if they worked this type of job. This proved to be one of the best decisions of his life as it gave him a chance to find a meaningful life of charity towards those less fortunate. He not only saves the lives of dogs and cats, but finds them a real home by giving people a chance to adopt them. The harmful smells and diseases the dump has to offer are left far behind. No animal deserves to die alone in this kind of environment. One man can change countless lives. Everyone should be this selfless so no one would have to suffer for no good reason. 

This heartwarming story is proof that all it takes is one person to do the right thing. Anyone can find a meaningful life if they have good intentions. One of the most selfless acts is to give up one’s life for that of another. People can now be inspired by Takis’ story to change their lives to help those less fortunate. One good deed, no matter how big or small it is, can change any person’s or animal’s life for the better. Luckily, these dogs and cats have found a home, thanks to one man who cares.

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