9 Pets That Dont Give You Allergies

Pets add a special something to our lives. They can bring us love, joy and companionship – and sometimes allergies. While cats seem to aggravate more allergies than dogs do, both can leave sufferers feeling ill, itchy and uncomfortable.

Those with minor allergies may choose to take allergy medicine or get allergy shots medicine regularly. For some people, even that doesn’t work. All is not lost, however. You don’t have to resign yourself to limiting your choice to a pet rock all your life. You can still enjoy the pleasure and benefits sharing your life with a pet even if you have allergies. You just have to widen your idea of what you consider a perfect pet. There are many choices out there that don’t fall under the typical heading that includes dogs and cats. Let’s explore some of your choices.

A Word About Allergies

You may have heard that some dogs are non-allergenic. This isn’t exactly the case. There are some dogs that create less of a problem, but every dog and cat has the potential to cause allergies to flare up in some people. Dogs such as the Labradoodle, which is a cross between a Labrador and a Poodle, Poodles and the Kerry Blue Terrier are all dog breeds that people with only minor dog allergies seem to handle better. As for cats, which cause even more allergy attacks than dogs, Siberians and Sphynx cats are the safest choices. What many people don’t know is that dogs and cats can actually be allergic to each other. While any animals has the potential to cause an allergic reaction, depending on the individual involved,  some have proved to be highly unlikely to do so.

9 Pets That Dont Give You Allergies


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Bunny

Rabbits usually work well with people who have allergies but you may want to spend time playing with one before you make your decision as some people do experience a reaction. Bunnies are cuddly and affectionate and you can even teach them some tricks. Bunnies can be litter trained easily and spend most of their time in a cage, which reduces the chances of spreading allergy-causing dander.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Snake


This isn’t a pet for everyone, but some people find having a snake as a pet a fulfilling experience. These people find snakes to be somewhat affectionate over time and they are easy to care for. Unfortunately, it takes a certain type of individual to be able to handle feeding live food to them. A snake is something you need a true affinity for but it is an option.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Turtle

Turtles are more for people who want a pet for the company but don’t want to spend a lot of time interacting. Larger turtles can be entertaining as they do play. They have been shown to recognize special people in their lives but haven’t proven to be extremely affectionate.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Hedgehog

These little critters have become popular for many. They are easy to care for and are fun-loving creatures who keep those who share their lives laughing on a regular basis.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Chinchilla

Not many people realize how personable these animals are. Small in size, they don’t get much past one pound when full grown, their soft fur is non-allergenic. They are affectionate, especially when gotten young, are easy to care for and love human contact. With their mouse-like ears and squirrel-looking tail, they are one of the cutest alternatives. They also live on average ten to twelve years so you don’t experience getting attached and losing them quickly.

Miniature Pigs

Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Pig

Pigs are intelligent animals that love people and fit in well in many different households. The miniature pigs are smaller than many dogs and they are easily trained. Pigs can be easily house-trained, taught to do tricks and are very affectionate.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Lizard

Lizards come in all shapes and sizes. Those who own lizards say they have individual personalities and it has been shown that many recognize the person who cares for them most. Some can show affection and the care for most lizards is easy. They aren’t a cuddly critter, but many enjoy riding on a shoulder as you go about your daily activities and they are quiet. Find out first if the species you want to get is not an endangered one and can be legally sold.


Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Rat

Rats often get bad publicity, but a hand-raised rat can be cuddly and fun. They can be taught tricks, love spending time with their human and don’t take up a lot of space. Like snakes and lizards, it takes a special personality to see the value in these animals, but those who have one seem to want others because of the connection that develops.

Sea Creatures

Pets That Dont Give You Allergies Sea Creatures

Aquariums can offer hours of entertainment. You can’t cuddle fish, but some people find watching them calming. You don’t have to limit an aquarium to fish. With a saltwater aquarium, you can choose small sharks, jellyfish, seahorses and a multitude of other aquatic life.

Final Words

Dogs and cats have found their way into our homes and hearts for thousands of years. It can be heartbreaking to realize that their presence leaves you or other family members feeling ill. You don’t have to miss out on all the joy of sharing your home with a loved animal if you are willing to think outside the box. There are many other animals that love interacting with humans and make loyal companions. There is one out there that will fit your wishes exactly if you look around.


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