The Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow

The world of dogs is now live! You never have to wonder if you should or shouldn’t do something for your dog. These blogs have all the information and products you need for your pet without spending thousands of dollars.

Carma Poodale

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Carma Poodale

Carma Poodale is a blog about a variety of pets, including dogs. The blogs cover a variety of topics, including travel tips, food and treat information, and much more. If you have questions regarding your pet, this is the first blog you should read. While you’re on Carma Poodale, you can read honest pet product reviews to help you make educated decisions about the products you choose to give your pet.

The Dog’s Way

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Dogs Way

The Dog’s Way is a dog blog that gives you helpful insight on training a dog, as well as, helping you understand how to train yourself to be able to help your dog in every way. Many of your questions about training your dog can be answered by reading the blog. There are a variety of videos available to help you better understand how your dog thinks and how to train them effectively.

Dog Listener

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Dog Listener


The Dog Listener is a blog run by Stan Rawlinson, who is said to be the original dog listener. He is a dog behaviorist and obedience trainer. His blog offers information for pet owners and people considering becoming a pet owner. There is important information regarding food, behavior, training, and other important instances you will encounter as a pet owner. There are product reviews, articles, advice, and a variety of pet products available on the site.

Tenacious Little Terrier

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Tenacious Terrier

Do you have a tenacious little critter? On this blog, run by Mr. N the Yorkie himself, you can keep track of special adventures with a little pup, get advice, tips, and a variety of other useful information. Your furry one can get into all kinds of things, and this blog gives you information that will help you keep your pet safe in a variety of situations. When you need information in a hurry, this blog can answer many different questions you may have.

Dogs Recommend

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Dogs Recommend

Have you ever wanted to know what your dog thinks or wants? Dog Recommend provides answers to all dog questions and thoughts. you get answers to questions regarding dog beds, carriers, crates, and much more. There are buyer’s guides available to help you buy everything your dog needs, and maybe a few things your dog may want. With this blog, you have access to information about the best dog products, supplies, and more.

Little Doggies Rule

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Little Doggies

Have a little doggie? Everything you need to know about your furry little friend is discussed in the blogs. From nutrition, grooming, health, training, and much more, you have the information you need. These little guys have a lot of love to give, and you should know how to properly care for them so they will be around for many years. This blog will help you understand everything you need to know about small breed dogs.

Dog Reference

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Dog Reference

Dog Reference has an abundance of information, including tips, tricks, care, breeds, and much more. This is a great blog to follow whether you are a new pet owner or have years of experience as a pet owner. The blogs available on this site offer a variety of topics that include playing with your dog at the park, barking, veterinary care, and more. This blog teaches you different ways you can care for and interact with your pet on a daily basis.

Dog Jog

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Dog Jog

Ready to get fit with your dog? Dog Jog is the way to do it. This blog offers advice on training your dog and the importance of exercise. This blog also provides information regarding options you have for running for charities with your pup and making a difference. This blog helps you discover how exercising with your dog benefits you and your pup while also helping charities of your choice and a variety of communities

Vet Babble

Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Vet Babble

Vet Babble is the blog for you if you have a pet, including dogs, cats, birds, and reptiles. This blog offers a variety of helpful topics that apply to a variety of pets. You can stay informed with these blogs that offer information about training puppies, reasons why your dog may have certain behaviors, and much more. You can keep a close eye on your pet by staying informed about common issues that may arise.


Best Small to Medium Dog Blogs to Follow Doggo

If you want to stay up to date on the latest dog gossip and current events, Doggo is the blog site for you. Everything from astrological signs to up-to-the-minute news about the furry wonders is available. There are tons of cute pictures that will make your heart melt and beneficial information for all dog owners you won’t want to miss. Trending news, photography, and happenings are all here on Doggo.

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