We Adopted a Dog From a Shelter and This Is What Happened

Meet Lulu, a purebred lemon beagle.

Lulu Sitting

Lulu was rescued by a pet shelter from a puppy mill. She had her first litter way before she had her first birthday.

Nobody was interested in adopting Lulu as she had been in the shelter for a month, and the signs of her motherhood was evident.

Had we not adopted her, she might have been put to sleep.

Lulu Headclamp


She is extremely playful and will run all over the yard with her toy sheep.

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Lulu with Toy Sheep

Lulu is a glutton for attention. When she is outside, she will look at us with reproach in her eyes.

Lulu the Bearskin Rug
Lulu the Bearskin Rug

She loves tugs of war.

Lulu has no problems socializing with our other dogs…

…But she is a born prankster. In the shot below she is standing on Chappies’ dog house (a 9 year old fox terrier), which irritates him and causes him to bark at her incessantly. She enjoys this attention. When Chappies leaves his house, Lulu will occupy it in his absence, thereby running up his blood pressure more.

Lulu the Instigator

Lulu gets rid of excess energy by digging holes, breaking off thorny cactus leaves and also tearing up the swing we have in the back yard. This is now her favorite hangout spot. (Please excuse the terrible pun)

Lulu, the dog with a thousand faces.

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